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How to Impress a High-Class Escort

At One Park Lane Models, our high-class escorts in London are like no other girl you’ve ever experienced, let alone any other escort. These London-based girls are flawlessly beautiful, but they also possess certain qualities in abundance that set them apart from others. They are confident, charismatic, intelligent and educated. They are also down-to-earth, funny and excellent conversationalists. They know how to dress for any event and how to fit seamlessly into any social situation.

It’s only natural to want to impress these stunning companions. But how is another question - an escort has her own money, as well as taste and style. Don’t worry - here we’ll cover all the ways you can level up your game…

Book dinner at a place that serves her favourite food

If you can’t guess, you’ll need to ask her. But London has restaurants that serve every single type of cuisine. Your escort may appreciate Caribbean or Kashmiri food - don’t be afraid to try something new even if it isn’t exactly to your taste. Show her that you’ve put thought into something she would enjoy - and in return enjoy the best GFE of your life.

Escape the city with a night away

Your escort lives and works in London. A break can be welcome! You can get to know each other better by visiting picturesque nearby villages in the beautiful English countryside. Book a glamping experience for an extra taste of the luxe she's accustomed to. Try Ashwell, Hertfordshire, or Great Missendem, Buckinghamshire for areas that really showcase the beauty of England. This is even better if your escort is from overseas.

Be authentic

If you’re planning to see your escort again, it’s a good idea to be yourself. Of course, it’s even better to be yourself from the first moment. It’s hard pretending to be someone you’re not and many people - especially elite companions who are very good at intuiting a situation - can subconsciously pick up on a lack of authenticity. She’ll like you much more if you’re honest about who you are.

Compliment her - but not necessarily on her looks

She knows she’s beautiful and she’s heard it all before. Compliment her on things like what she’s wearing or how she’s done her eye make-up for an easy win. But better yet, get to know her and compliment her on aspects of her personality, such as her intelligence or how she puts you at ease. Also, only pay compliments when you are sincere - she can tell when you’re not being honest.

Bring her a gift

It doesn’t have to be ridiculously extravagant, and the proportion of the gift should depend on how well you know each other and how much you enjoy being with her. This could be an artisan box of chocolates, expensive wine, or a designer handbag. If you’re confident about her tastes, a bottle of perfume will never go amiss - Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel is a good choice either way though.

Be respectful

This is a key way of impressing her - but also just being a good person. Treat her the same way you would treat a girlfriend. Be kind and remember she is a person. Respect her boundaries and leave as soon as the time you have paid for is up. Thank her for her services and don’t ask questions about her personal life, such as if she has a boyfriend - this is her job.

Create a nice atmosphere

If you’re having an outcall date, make your residence or hotel room comfortable for her. Clean up - no dirty underpants or clothes on the floor. Have fresh bed sheets. Make sure the bathroom is spotless. Have dim lights and candles to create an intimate atmosphere. Spritz some air freshener to ensure it smells nice for her.

Be clean

This is one of the basics for impressing an escort - look and smell good. Wear clean, nice clothes. Style your hair and shave. Make sure your teeth are clean and your breath is fresh. Wear some cologne and generally look the best you can.

Don’t get drunk or take drugs

Having a glass of wine with dinner, or a few cocktails is fine. But getting drunk can make you act in a way you either wouldn’t or shouldn’t usually, as can drugs. It’s likely to make your escort uncomfortable if you are drunk or high. Show that you can appreciate a drink, but know your limits and don’t take it too far.

Keep it lighthearted

Weighing her down with your personal problems will definitely put her off and make her feel awkward. Talk about your interests but keep it fun and lighthearted. Show an interest in what her interests are without being overly personal.

Have fun

The entire point is to have fun. Relax, and enjoy yourself. Being clear that you’re having a good time is sure to make your escort happy.

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