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What It Takes To Become A Successful High-Class Escort

If you can detach sex and emotions, being an escort probably sounds like a lucrative and easy job, right? Wrong! Lucrative it may be, but easy it is not.

Our high class London escorts are the perfect example of women who aren't your average escorts. They have beauty, brains, and an unmistakable certain ‘something’ or je ne sais quoi, that can’t be quantified. They have class and charisma in buckets, making them warm and personable, as well as intelligent and gorgeous.

It takes a special set of qualities to become truly successful - let’s get into it.


It’s safest to be represented by an agency as they can vet their clients and your profile will be seen by plenty of potential clients. However, you’ll need to have a fairly flexible schedule.

Clients can often book last-minute, 24/7 - when you’re ‘on’, you’ll need to be ready for potential last-minute bookings.


You can become an escort from age 18. A youthful appearance is a major selling point. There is some demand for mature escorts, but not nearly as much as younger escorts. Also, even if you are older (30 plus) you will still need to both look good, and look young.


Do you have a knack for pulling an outfit together and looking effortlessly cool and stylish? Well done if so!

Although this can be achieved with a personal stylist or shopper, you will still need to be able to coordinate your outfit for occasions. This could be fine-dining, a gala, or a high-profile event where you will need to compliment your client with your outfit while looking amazing.


This is as important as looks. You must have confidence and charisma, and other things that cannot be learned. This includes being able to read a situation and intuit how to respond quickly. You must be able to become a chameleon, adapting to both people and situations. You need to be interesting too, able to capture a client’s interest and keep his attention. Knowing when to flirt, when to rest a hand on his arm, and when to let him talk are all necessary. Being empathetic, warm and personable are very desirable. Many clients enjoy the GFE and being able to play the part perfectly is a must-have quality.


You must be way above average looking and realistic about your appearance. Luxury companions are flawless. They have the glass skin Koreans are famed for, free of any blemishes or imperfections. You must not have scars or signs of a former pregnancy. Small tattoos can be okay - large ones not so much. Having curves and long, thick hair is also desirable as well as being toned and fit - you will need to take care of yourself. It’s better if you don’t smoke too.

If you have an alternative style, piercings, dyed hair, or stretches, you will likely not be successful. Classic beauty is most in demand. Your style should be tasteful and elegant.

Sex positive

You need to like sex, and be good at it. Clients respond best to someone who at the very least seems genuinely enthusiastic to have sex with them. Some element of being adventurous is required and you must be comfortable taking the lead. While comfort levels vary, missionary in the dark is most likely not going to be what clients are interested in. You can charge more for services such as CIM, COB and A-Level, among others, even kissing. You should be open to new experiences and techniques with above-average sexual confidence. However, you need to know your boundaries, and exactly what you will and won’t do.

Fluency and nationality

We take escorts of all nationalities - there is often a desire for exotic escorts. However, you’ll need to be fluent in English.
It can be hard to build a rapport with a client you don’t connect well with. You may not always be able to be your true self with a client, or able to be honest. You may want to keep your career a secret from others. It’s necessary to know how far you’re willing to go with this.


What sets exclusive models apart from others is their intelligence. Being educated in higher education, such as university, is advantageous. You should be able to easily carry a conversation about art, books, culture, and politics. You’re likely to meet rich businessmen, but also nervous virgins. You should be able to easily talk to either.


If you’re only it for money, clients will pick up on this subconsciously and will not book with you again. You may also receive poor reviews. You should have a thirst to meet new people and enthusiasm for getting to know them. Enjoying sex and being intimate with someone is part of this. You should want to do a line of work that’s different and exciting, with the money being a welcome bonus.
Personal grooming

You may be naturally beautiful, but you must take extra care with your appearance. This includes going to the gym for a toned body, a good diet, and not using drugs or smoking.

You must always smell clean and fresh, as well as actually being it. Manicures and taking care of body hair included. You should not be overweight or underweight. Your teeth should be in good condition and you can’t have bad breath. Underwear should always match.

Discretion and punctuality

Our clients don’t want their time wasted and they also don’t want themselves exposed to others. Arrive five minutes early and act like a lady. Respect their privacy. You should never share details about your clients with anybody.


You need to be able to listen to your clients even if they’re talking about something as boring as their car. They’re paying for your time. Clients should not be judged on their appearance, but how they act.

You must not get drunk or use drugs. This is for your safety. Even on dinner dates, don’t have more than a few glasses of wine. Keep your wits about you and don’t get carried away.

Final word

If you’re an emotionally intelligent young woman who is well-educated, classically beautiful and secure in herself, you could have what it takes.

You need to genuinely want to do this job and be genuine and charismatic while remaining professional.

If you fit the bill, then by all means, go for it!

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